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Van Werven opens fifth recycling line in Biddinghuizen

Van Werven in Biddinghuizen has expanded its capacity to recycle plastic by adding a fifth line. With this line, the recycling percentage of used hard plastics is further increased. "Even more valuable raw materials are preserved by this line”,  says managing director Ton van der Giessen.

“We see more and more different types of materials used in the market. For example, technical plastics ABS / PS and products made from recycled PEPP plastics which contain additional minerals. To be able to properly recycle these streams, a new method is needed", says Van der Giessen. The new recycling technology is fully focused on this. As a result, Van Werven can sell more different products and offer suppliers the highest possible recycling percentage.

Closing cycle locally
After Lanaken, Dublin and two lines in Poland, the new line in Biddinghuizen is the fifth line that has been opened in a nine-month period. The recycling capacity has thus grown by one hundred percent. Van der Giessen: “China has closed the borders for plastic waste and Van Werven can utilise this. By closing the borders, we are able to grow our capacity. A great development. Our aim is to close the cycle locally as much as possible.” In total, the recycling capacity in Biddinghuizen has grown by 30 percent to 65 million kilos per year.

The technology of the new line has been developed in-house and is fully automated. In recent months, the new line has been tested and adjusted for optimum results. The line is now fully operational and officially ‘opened’. The project was carried out with a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National schemes for EZ subsidies, and Top Sector Energy carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Read more here about the new location in Poland that was recently opened.

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